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Glitter Tanquery No. 10

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Glittered with premium glitter with quality and accuracy. Tanquery 10 is said to be a spirit of ingenuity, innovation and passion. Tanquery Ten is a small batch gin that gives bursts of citrus in every sip, with notes of limes, orange and pink grapefruit. It’s a full-bodied gin that is made with real craftsmanship and holds of seal of quality. A perfect staple in the gin cupboard.

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History of Tanquery No. Ten:
Tanquery gin, the brainchild of Charles Tanqueray. Mr Tanquery made his first gin in 1830 and this timeless and classic recipe has continued to this day. Its then been developed into the small batch distilled Tanqueray Ten gin that we know and love. Each bottle of Tanqueray carries the red seal with Charles Tanqueray’s name, a symbol of distilling mastery and quality and more than 180 years of distilling excellence. The bottle, a work of art in its self is designed in such a way as do demonstrate its citrusy contents. The base of the bottle is shaped to resemble to a citrus press, symbolic of the Mexican limes, Florida oranges and pink grapefruits that the gin holds.

Distilling Process:
This small batch gin is distilled in pot still 10 ( actually nick named Tiny Ten) , explaining where the Tanqueray Ten name comes from. This spirt goes through a distilling process 4 times with the Tanqueray’s standard gin botanicals of Juniper, coriander, angelica and liquorice, then fresh citrus fruit- limes, oranges and pink grapefruit are added with camomile flowers to the Tiny Ten still to create a super- premium gin.

Angelica root
White grapefruit
Camomile Flowers

On the palate: This gin gives fresh citrus flavours with camomile flowers ending in a light sherbet and juniper and slight peppery finish.

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Classic G&T Garnish:
Best enjoyed with ice, a premium tonic and a wedge of pink grapefruit.

Tanquery No. 10 Cocktails:
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