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Glitter Jagermeister

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Glittered to perfection using premium glitter and craftsmanship. Although Jager is aged in the dark callers in oak barrels, when this liqueur comes out its bright and bold and bursting with flavour. This is a bold but balanced herbal liqueur that holds its own at any party. Its just not a party without Jager.

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Blended using 56 different botanicals. This full ingredient list is a closely guarded secret.

The Twisted Bottle Company Recommends:
Can be enjoyed as a shot, but this needs to be expertly prepared or in a range of cocktails. If drinking as a shot this must be enjoyed ice cold, -18 degrees to be precise.

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35cl, 70cl



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Deep Purple, Dusky Pink, Green, Ombre Champagne-Deep Purple, Aqua, Champagne, Gun Metal Grey, Hot Pink, Lilac, Ombre-Aqua-Silver, Ombre-Champagne-Red, Ombre-Hotpink-Lilac, Ombre-Hotpink-Rosegold, Ombre-Lilac-Gunmetalgrey, Red, Rose Gold, Silver

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