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Glitter Hendricks Gin

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Our gin bottles are hand crafted to the highest quality using bright and vibrant glitter that achieves full coverage and a beautiful statement finish. Hendricks gin is a perfect combination of 11 different botanicals, infused with rose and cucumber that create a refreshingly unusual but classic gin. A beautifully handcrafted Scottish gin that combines a light delicate spirit with a complex flavour.

A brilliant gin to start off any social event, or as a stable in your gin collection. Adding any of our adornments will elevate this product to the next level.



History of Hendricks: A hand crafted, Scotish gin made in Girvan, Scotland. Its made in tiny batches of 500lts at a time.

Distilling Process: Hendricks displays a very distinct flavour and this is down to the distilling process. This Scottish gin uses two different types of stills, under the carful instruction of their master distiller Lesley Gracie. Hendricks use a Cater-head still (a very rare still , only a very few exist in the world) and a Bennet Still that was made in 1860.

The carter head still steams the botanicals, giving a light and delicate spirit. While the Bennet still steeps its botanicals creating a rich and complex spirit. These distillates are then married together creating a spirit that that is both light and delicate while still being intricate and enthusiastic. However a final act is still needed to create the Hendricks we know and love. An infusion of Bulgarian rose and cucumber is then added to create this wonderful gin.

11 Botanicals
Coriander Seeds
Orange Peel
Cubeb Berries
Caraway Seeds
Lemon Peel
Angelica Root
Juniper Berries
Orris Root

On the palate: A light delicate gin yet with an intricate flavour.

The Twisted Bottle Company Recommends:
Classic G&T Garnish:
Serve with a premium tonic, ice and cucumber. For added impact sprinkle with rose petals

Hendricks Cocktails

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