About Us

About Us

Our Passion!

At The Twisted Bottle Company we are passionate not only about our quality products but also our quality of knowledge. We believe that all of our customers should make informed choices when selecting a product from our site. We want to help them choose an alcohol that is perfect for them, the occasion they are buying for and the taste of the person who will be enjoying it. That’s why you will see against each of our products information helping you to decide if it’s the perfect product for you.


 We also have helpful pages to explain each of the alcohol types that we sell. Not only are these pages interesting but if you read them you will be endowed with so much knowledge, not only will you have a greater appreciation for the drink you are enjoying but you will also be the main connoisseur and able to wow your assemblage with all of you fabulous alcohol know how. 


Flat Rate Shipping

We offer a flat rate delivery cost of £5.10


We ship all over UK. It takes 3-5 business days for package to be delivered within UK once it has been dispatched

Payment Process

We offer payment from all major credit and Debit cards as well as Apple Pay.

What We Do

Check out the recent additions to our autumn collection. New products being added every day. 


The Foundations


We are a husband and wife team with a small crazy workforce. We have based our business on our love of fine alcohol and art. After loving both for some time we decided to start The Twisted Bottle Company.

We want to create products for our customers that are high quality, offer bespoke options and focus on art and aesthetic.

We love each and every one of our products and we want you to love them too.